Education and Domestic Violence: Evidence from China-周冬 (上海交通大学)


主  题:Education and Domestic Violence: Evidence from China

内容简介:This paper explores the implement of compulsory schooling law in China to investigate the causal impact of education on women’s likelihood of experiencing domestic violence. The local average treatment effects obtained through instrument variable indicate that one additional year of schooling lowers the women’s possibility of being beaten or forced sexual intercourse by 6.5 %. And the effects are significantly stronger for rural subsample and females with nine years or less. Further, we examine a profile of associated outcomes and run reduce form estimations to explore possible mechanisms through which education matters. We find that education improvement has significantly better social and economic status of women. In addition, evidence suggests that changes in attitudes towards gender identity in total are significant and can interpret around 33.3% of the overall reducing effect.

报告人:周冬      副教授

时  间:2018-09-19    15:00

地  点:位育楼117

举办单位:金融学院  经济与金融研究院  科研部

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